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  • National Immunization Awareness Month
    National Immunization Awareness Month with Pet Vaccinations at Chatham Animal Hospital August marks National Immunization Awareness Month, and we at Chatham Animal Hospital are celebrating by reminding our community about the Read more
  • Pet Food Safety
    Pet Food Safety and Nutrition from Chatham Animal Hospital An essential ingredient to a healthy life is a healthy diet which is just as true for pets as it is for Read more
  • Laser Therapy FAQs
    Affordable and Effective Laser Therapy Treatment Services In recent times, the Chatham Animal Clinic has introduced yet another unique and remarkable pet treatment services called laser therapy. Below are answers to the frequently posed Read more
  • Senior Pet Exams
    Senior Pet Exams In Cary At Chatham Animal Clinic, we know your pet is a beloved member of the household who's health and comfort is a priority throughout all stages of life. Read more
  • Now Offering Pet Grooming in Cary
    Now Offering Pet Grooming in Cary Chatham Animal Clinic has provided exemplary pet surgical and medical care for Cary and the surrounding communities since 1983. Our Cary animal hospital addresses all Read more
  • Canine Influenza what you need to know.
    Canine Influenza – what you need to know.  There has been a lot of information about canine influenza (dog flu) in the news recently.  There have been a few outbreaks, and Read more
  • Annual Pet Wellness Exam in Cary
    Biannual Pet Wellness Exams in Cary Biannual pet wellness exams in Cary help your pet's veterinarian keep your furry friends healthy. Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, so it is Read more
  • Pet Surgery Preparation: What to Expect, How to Get Ready
    Pet Surgery Preparation: What to Expect With Your Cary Veterinarian Our Cary veterinarian understands that your pet’s surgery can be an unnerving experience. Pet surgery can be especially challenging since your Read more
  • How Important Are Vaccines to the Health of My Pet?
    How Important Are Vaccines to the Health of My Pet? Help From Your Cary Veterinarian Having your pet vaccinated with your Cary veterinarian is one of the most important things you Read more
  • Pet Boarding in Chatham: What Should I Expect?
    Pet Boarding in Cary: What Should I Expect? When you go away, it's important for your pet's safety--and your own peace of mind--to entrust your animal to the care of someone Read more
  • Top 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet
    Cary Veterinarian Lists the Top 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet You may know that spaying or neutering your pet is important but may not know the exact reasons Read more

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