Diagnostic Services

Veterinary Diagnostic Services in Cary

Understanding Your Pet’s Internal Health

For over 30 years, Chatham Animal Hospital has provided high quality diagnostic services in Cary. We provide a broad range of diagnostic care for cats and dogs, including laboratory testing and digital radiography. Our team of highly trained veterinarians are well versed in providing excellent diagnostic care for pets of all ages. Our goal is to provide forward-thinking medicine with care and compassion. Regardless of what your pet needs, Chatham Animal Hospital is here to help your pet thrive at every stage of life.

The following diagnostic services are available for pets in Cary from Chatham Animal Hospital:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasonography

Questions about the diagnostic services we offer at Chatham Animal Hospital? Give us a call at (919) 469-8114 or contact us online today.

Digital Radiography & Your Pet

Your pet’s health is not just skin deep. In some cases, getting a closer look at your pet’s insides is an essential part of the diagnostic process. We are pleased to offer digital radiography at Chatham Animal Hospital.

Digital radiography is more commonly known as X-rays. If you’ve ever broken a bone, you have likely had an X-ray taken. Just like for humans, X-rays help your veterinarian see beyond your pet’s fur at the dense tissues underneath their skin. X-rays are best for imaging bones and other dense tissues. These are still images that are taken using a small dose of radiation. Because X-rays use radiation to take these still images, X-rays are not recommended for use on delicate tissues or developing fetuses.

We use digital radiological technology, which helps us to deliver results faster to you. It is often the case that, when your pet needs an X-ray, time is of the essence. With digital radiology, we can more quickly pinpoint the source of your pet’s health problems and begin treatment faster as a result.

One of the most important things about X-rays is that they are non-invasive and totally pain-free. However, if your pet is anxious or in pain, we may need to sedate them to get an accurate picture, because X-rays are still images. Sedation can help reduce your pet’s stress as well as help us get a clearer image.

Laboratory Testing

Another way to get a good look at your pet’s internal systems is through laboratory testing. We can conduct a broad range of simple laboratory tests with samples such as blood, feces, or urine. These tests can tell us a lot about your pet’s condition that we would not necessarily be able to see with the naked eye. Urine tests, for example, can help us understand how your pet’s kidneys are functioning, while fecal tests can help us detect the presence of parasites.

We typically include basic laboratory testing with your pet’s regular wellness exams. However, if you bring your pet in for a different condition, we may order additional testing to help us get to the bottom of your pet’s health problems.

Diagnostic Services at Chatham Animal Hospital

For high quality diagnostic care in Cary, choose Chatham Animal Hospital. We are proud to deliver forward-thinking medical care with attention to detail, compassion, and respect.

For more information about diagnostic services from Chatham Animal Hospital, please call (919) 469-8114 or contact us online today.

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  • There is no place we would rather be than right here caring for your pets as if the were our own.
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Pawsitively Raving Reviews

  • “I like that he called me to let me know everything went well and asked what my budget looked like before adding more tests that I couldn't afford! Very pleased.”

    - Amy M.
  • “Dr. David Krakowski is a superhero in Vet uniform. Have used Chatham Animal for 13 years and Dr. K's temperament, judgement and surgeon's hands have enabled me to sleep at night with my sick pups in his capable care.”

    - KADA
  • “The entire staff is so caring, thorough, and patient. I've been going to this practice for over 25 years, and have always felt like my pets are treated with the utmost care and concern.”

    - Stacie A.

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